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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Peak oil and the coming world's energy mess

Interview here from the Energy Bulletin with Bob Hirsh about his forthcoming book The Impending World Energy Mess: What It Is and What It Means to You. He was the lead author of an influential US report in 2005 on peak oil - of course completely ignored by the Bush adminstration. Hirsch :

"I believe that the onset of the decline of world oil production is likely
in the next two to five years. And when I say “oil,” I mean all liquid

What's noticeable from the interview (though the book may be different) is
the typical American focus on the individual (how we as householders can best
protect and forewarn - and forearm - ourselves about the decline in world oil)
and the blame being put on the government. While there is talk of that new
buzzword 'resilience' there is no sense that this is a collective property or
venture. I'll hold off any further comment until I read the book but I would be surprised (pleasantly) if the analysis involved more than techno and individualistic options all filtered through a free market pro-innovation lens...


  1. If the collapse of Russia is anything to go by (according to Dmitry Orlov) the state will have lost control and most of us will be on our own.

    Close communities, friends and families may have an edge.

  2. I think you (and Orlov) might be right (at least in part), that's why I'm involved in our local transition town here in Holywood, Northern Irleand. Community-building will be one of the most required resources to ensure resilience....